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Connecting people & companies
for tomorrow’s work

We help you with future-proof talent

Yinner connects tomorrows companies with tomorrows people. We combine recruitment with talent development and growing in your role during the first year. What makes us different? We go further and look beyond your CV and experience – identify what makes people human, capitalize on peoples personality, potential, talent and attitude. We do the maximum possible to optimize growth and success in the first year.

The result – your new hires are fit for the future.

Annual program Yinner

Annual program Yinner

The story

Based on years of experience in top sport and the business world, we help companies scout, identify and develop talent. Both areas have taught us how to pinpoint talent, develop and enhance the potential identified.

“Why let fifty years go by before you discover your talent? Make sure that you realize it sooner. Focus more on your potential than your current capabilities.” Johan Cruijff.

The perfect match after the first year

We strongly believe that there should be a perfect match after a year. Therefore Yinner breaks away from traditional recruitment and combines future-oriented selection and training with a year of coaching and development in the working environment. It allows time for a person to settle in, adapt and grow in a role. If a perfect match is still apparent after the first year, you join forces with the employer.

Dutch talent
International talent

Our Partnerships

Our Way of Working

At Yinner, we like to picture the exact future workforce within the organization to pinpoint the right persons for the job. Then we select suitable new candidates using data-driven tools. It enables us to generate 100% match from 100% individuals.

That is only the beginning…. after the initial fit, we set up a one year personalized training and coaching program to help new hires to grow in their role and develop future skills.

Our clients have the opportunity to see the new candidates live in action. So they can judge whether it is an ideal match. Providing both parties are satisfied, the candidates fully integrate into the company after one year.

Our Tools

Xelfer profile scan

Using the Xelfer profile scan together with personal interviews we select candidates. We look beyond skills and experiences and focus on personality, character, motivation and vitality. We only select candidates that test to be a minimum well-being of 70%.

Skill passport

After matching, we coach our candidates in their new role for one year. We train candidates to be future-proof by developing skills for the future. We use lifestyle and focus training to guide them through their personal development. We set up a skill passport to monitor their progress and make adjustments where necessary.

Result – Yinner candidates become 100% ready for their future role.

Why Yinner?


improved profile match




burnout risk


sick leave

Flexible contract

With Yinner, you can see new hires in action for a year. A one year fixed-term contract is not necessary – you can stop at any time.

Less risk

Yinner takes all the responsibility of the recruits out of your hands. It starts by searching for talent, evaluating, coaching and then developing skills needed.

Lower Costs

Yinner arranges a more efficient and effective onboarding with both 50% fewer mismatches and cost.

Sustainable match

Yinner guarantees a sustainable match by future-proof candidates that can adapt to tomorrows work.

What People Say

“Yinner takes work out of my hands – I don’t have to go and look for the right people myself. I even get the chance to monitor someone in the working environment to see for myself if the match is right. This way, we reduce the risk of mismatching and the vast costs involved. If there is no fit – the agreement stops. You don’t get this chance if you employ somebody directly – you are often committed to a one year contract.”

Lútsen, Vion

“Yinner partnership ensures that people are fit for work and ready for the future.“

Atika Bouz, Projectmanager Gemeente Amsterdam

“Companies should adapt to the future needs of changing job roles. Yinner can help you with this.”

Martijn Willemsen, Field Sales trainer & coach Coca-Cola

“If we want to be the business of tomorrow, we must stop traditional car leasing. We use Yinner to find the right match for futures roles.”

Marjolein Groen, HR business partner Athlon

“What Yinner does is develop and prepare people. The aim is to prepare people for new roles and be ready and fit for the future.”

Lucas de Vries, Customer service NRC Handelsblad

“Yinner truly knows what a company needs and where the strengths of a person lie. In this way, they can create the best match from a human point of view.”

Yoeri van Alteren, CEO Change INC.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the strengths of people and organizations in a sustainable way. On every work floor, all over the world. For this reason we are coaching talent in Tanzania to become organic farmers and we are supporting various talented filmmakers at IDFA.



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